The benefits of hiring an offshore IT support team

Here’s a mind boggling figure: The global IT industry was worth 5 trillion dollars in 2019 (Statista). IT has also been touted as one of the fastest growing industries ever, emerging out of obscurity in the late 1970s to become the force to be reckoned with it is today. While the biggest names in the field have gone on to become industrial behemoths, there are still a large number of firms that operate at a functional level and see their growth opportunities limited by either a lack of time or manpower.

Given how technology powers most businesses, many non I.T. companies are also seeking constant tech support or hiring expensive IT teams full time to meet the demands of growing technology. Here’s where hiring an offshore IT service team comes in handy. This resource team will work from a remote location and handle any and all of your IT needs to help your organisation get the support it needs. The following are a few of the benefits from hiring an offshore team:

Cost Efficiency: Offshore IT service providers offer quality service and prompt response, at half the cost of running an in-house IT team. The resources saved can then be used to improve the product and handle your clients’ needs. For many non IT organisations, hiring a full fledged IT team in-house may not even be an option. By hiring an offshore resource however, they can get all the benefits that such a team would provide without the significant cost it would entail.

Savings on Overheads: By hiring offshore services, Not only do you save on wages paid, but also on the cost of procuring office space and high speed network for an in-house team or professional. Offshore IT resources run your servers and systems through their own networks and are trained and have their payroll maintained by the offshore service provider themselves. Savings on these costs may offer you an edge over other competitors.

Qualified Professionals: Offshore IT service providers hire the most qualified talent available and run them through comprehensive training programs so that you can rid yourself from the worry of finding and hiring the right IT personnel yourself. These professionals are highly qualified and possess both the expertise and experience to handle all your IT needs so that you can maximise the potential of your business.

Network Security: Customer data and other privileged information are commonly threatened by ransomware and virus attacks. Data security is one of the biggest concerns that most customers and organisations have. We maintain all your data securely while also pledging confidentiality so that your data is under no threats of breach at all. Offshore IT resource personnel can also handle and update your firewall and Access Point controllers to ensure that you are not affected by the grave cybersecurity threats that could possibly cripple your business.

Quick Service: Most offshore service providers offer round the clock availability and troubleshooting so that your IT needs are met as and when they occur and no loss is caused to your business interests as a result of network trouble. Servers and systems are also updated regularly and bugs are detected and dealt with immediately. Prompt service is what offshore resources thrive on.

Customer Support: Offshore providers also offer quality customer support to help your customers solve any issues their facing with websites or information management. Customer Support is one of the most frequently outsourced functions, which shows that offshore firms can be trusted to deliver on the promises of quality and promptness that they offer.

Tertiary Support: A number of offshore service providers offer not only IT support but also back-end function support to IT companies, including but not limited to accounting support. These resource personnel are well acquainted with the unique financial standards that these companies have to adhere to and understand the business well enough to evaluate and maintain the books so that you are rid of the burden of maintaining cumbersome records and generating reports and accounts.

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