The 5 indicators that tell you that you need a virtual personal assistant

Most executives today believe that they can handle every aspect of their job. However, the immense scope of their activities means that they could use some help. Hiring an outsourced Virtual personal assistant could be extremely useful in this case. Not convinced? Then, here are the top 5 indicators that you need a virtual personal assistant:

1. Falling back on correspondence

As an executive, you may have to be constantly in touch with multiple stakeholders that affect your business, like customers, employees, supplier, etc. To maintain active correspondence with all these parties is a task too great for one person. As a result, you may find that you have a large backlog of unanswered calls or emails. This is where a virtual assistant comes in. They can sort through and respond to all correspondence, order them in terms of which need to be replied to urgently, and keep records of important conversations so that key information is not lost.

2. Missed Meetings

Sometimes in the bustle of everyday work life, you may miss or didn’t have enough time to prepare for a meeting. A virtual assistant can maintain and update your calendar, while also providing adequate reminders ahead of time. The assistant can also help determine which meetings require active, urgent participation and the ones that require only passive participation. This way the executive can give the important meetings the due focus they deserve and be fully prepared.

3. Buried under paperwork

As an executive, anything from a simple approval to preparing important reports for stakeholders is a critical part of your day to day work. Having a virtual assistant perform these tasks will free up your time from following up on simple and routine documentation and drafting reports based on information given. Assistants can also help proof-read documents that go from the office to ensure that no errors are made. While doing paperwork is an important task, delegating it to the virtual assistant ensures it is done correctly and with due attention given.

4. Important changes aren’t having the desired impact

It is crucial that any key decision or change initiated by the executive is well researched and is conducive for progress in the organisation. If not it could backfire. A virtual assistant can help improve the quality of your decisions by first doing the research and providing relevant information, and second by taking routine and monotonous tasks or concert off your hands so that you can devote all your energies to finding ways to further your company’s interests by making quality, well-researched decisions.

5. Finding it difficult to make time for family

A virtual assistant can be trained to handle important tasks and maintain communication with all parties when the executive is not available or out of office. This means that you can focus on family and recreational needs after hours and not worry about work being affected. They can also help ensure that personal appointments are met and handle the occasional personal task assigned to them. This way you have more time to yourself and your loved ones.

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