A Starter Guide to hiring an offshore resource team

Let’s say you have decided to engage an offshore team to handle a particular business function, your next question will be, “How to go about it?”. This step-by-step guide will take you through the various stages involved in hiring an offshore resource person/team and ease your worries.

Step 1. Get in touch

Our website allows you to input basic data with the help of which we provide you with an obligation-free price quote for our services. Please note there are no lock-in contracts to any of the services we provide.

Step 2. Discuss Requirements

One of our consultants will reach out to you to discuss your requirement in detail such as, role you are looking for to outsource, the job profile, and other details surrounding the role and its execution. This stage is important because it is based on this information that we source the right candidates for the job.

Step 3. You relax and let us do the legwork

Depending on the job description provided, our team begins running through our pool of available resources, selecting and short-listing candidates who we feel, based on the skills and description provided by you, will be best suited for the job. A final list is prepared for your review and next steps.

Step 4. Interview

A final list of the most suitable candidates is prepared and sent to you, containing information about their qualifications and experience. Based on your feedback, the Interviews are scheduled with the candidates you choose so that you can personally interview and assess their attitude and abilities. You have complete control over the interview process and finalise the candidate who you think will be the right fit for your business.

Step 5. Induction

We induct the chosen candidates and provide them with the necessary resources and/ or training. Any job specific training will be provided by you. Once the necessary training and equipment is provided, they are ready to get going.

Step 6. Use of staff in day-to-day functioning

Control of our resource team is handed over to you following which you can assign tasks and manage their work as they are part of your company now. They will work according to your time schedules and perform their jobs to suit the company’s needs. An added bonus to hiring an offshore team is that you need not worry about payroll or any associated overheads. We handle all the H.R. for your offshore team and ensure continued high performance, the provision of other benefits and resources from our end.

So there it is, a quick but comprehensive look at how to hire an offshore team. For any further information, visit www.orakor.com and chat with our consultants. Choose Smart, Choose Orakor.

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