Navigating through the impact of COVID19 for MSP

While the Covid-19 pandemic has indiscriminately affected almost every global industry today, one that is taking less of its brunt is the Managed Services Provider (MSP) sector. According to Datto Inc.’s recent study, ‘Global State of MSP’, although growth projections have been downgraded this year, about 40% of MSPs reported annual revenue of 2.5 million dollars. This data seems to suggest that there exist certain growth opportunities in the market that could if explored, translate into better fiscal health for these companies.

Given this, along with the fact that Covid-19 has pushed most companies to encourage work-from-home, and the increased possibilities that 5G networks can offer, it is only logical that MSPs will have their hands full over the next financial year. This is where offshoring will come into play. Not only will it ensure that skilled personnel handle non-core operations and provide a solid foundation for core business to function smoothly, it will also free up key employees to oversee and cash in on this possible surge in demand.

The report also highlights that 34% of MSPs surveyed claimed that cybersecurity was their top concern this year. MSPs must handle the threat of cybersecurity because, with the emerging prominence of cloud-based services, a single breach could mean the loss of valuable client data.  Offshoring key, yet non-core business operations at a lesser cost would help the company allocate further resources to deal with this growing menace. Cost savings also means that more company revenue and manpower can be shifted to securing data and reinforcing data security.

Orakor provides clients with various back-end services that are both affordable and efficient, without compromising on quality. Amongst the many services we provide, are Level 1 – 3 Help Desk, Data entry, IT support, Accounts and Bookkeeping, and various other Business Process. We have also been able to provide our services without interruption to our existing clients, even during these unprecedented times.

Besides cost saving, here are a few other advantages of offshoring with Orakor:

  • Non-chargeable work contracted within Master Service Agreements (MSA) can be completed by your dedicated offshore team in India, thus freeing up the customer-facing staff to focus on chargeable work and other revenue-generating activities. This is a huge cost-benefit currently enjoyed by all our clients across all sectors and particularly by clients bound by MSA conditions.
  • Ability to run 24 x 7 x 365 shifts to cope with the varying workloads. Outstanding trouble tickets can be resolved overnight and clients starting with a clean sheet in the morning. The offshore shift model involves zero additional cost via shift allowances.
  • With lower operational costs this model guarantees consistent performance which in turn improves the business bottom-line.
  • There is a long-held myth that offshoring costs local jobs. By reinvesting part or all of the cash savings into business growth initiatives many of our clients have doubled and trebled their local workforce as a direct result of the growth benefits accrued through their offshoring initiatives.

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